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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Girl leavin on a jet plane...

This will be short and sweet...

I am listening to my intuition and going to the land down under. One day I woke up and thought, you should go to Australia. You have a good friend there you should go. I put it to the side of my brain, then I go to class and a student randomly starts talking about the day she decided to go to Australia and visit her brother. She decided to go and the money came, she went, had the best time of her life. I think ok universe, that was "weird". I walk on about from there and start hearing and seeing Australia everywhere I go. I am not entirely sure that Australia wasn't already all around me, but all of a sudden, it was all over me, sticking like glue.

Needless to say I am now going, the money for the trip came, from the universe. I am now ready for the best time of my life...
I am now ready to trust my intuition.

This rant was for myself.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Girl did you bend that spoon?

This rant is about bending reality...

Spoon bending is the apparent deformation of objects, especially metal cutlery, either without physical force, or with less force than normally necessary. It is a common form of stage magic, and a variety of methods are used to produce the illusion.
Spoon bending attracted considerable media attention in the 1970s when some people claimed to have the ability to cause such events by paranormal psychic means. The most notable was Uri Geller, who performed by bending metal spoons as well as metal keys and several other objects and materials.

I did it, I bent a spoon, pretty f'in cool.

What else is not what I perceive it to be? A spoon can't be a spoon until someone calls it so.
There was a moment an exact moment where it just gave so easy, then I lost it. Then it happened again, then I lost it.

I realized from this experience, for myself living in service, being attentive to the moment & whoever or whatever is in front of me, I am impressionable.

What if we live in the present moment, and let the moment flow how it wants to?

This was a spoon bending moment...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Girl and the DB gone home...

This ramble is about a friend, well really an ex-boyFRIEND...

I chatted briefly via text messaging with my DB a day or so ago, texting is the most impersonal way to let someone know your thinking of them, by the way. He thought I had already written about him in this blog, I hadn't so nows my chance...

We met... ommmmm I think almost 2 years ago to date. His eyes sparked in a way I hadn't really seen, when he looked into mine. I felt a bit more apprehensive. But needless to say we go out, have a ton of fun. In the very back of my mind I love being with him. He makes me laugh, he gets me sort of, it is more or less that he kinda just lets me be.

We wind up less than a year later and I feel trapped. We had stopped talking about anything important, stopped really seeming to care about each other. Just stopped. Maybe this trapped feeling is my vulnerabilities, maybe I was bored? Who knows because the minute we broke up, I felt like I lost my best friend.

We start to sort of hang out again... almost a year of this goes bye. Time is a funny thing, especially when your not in the very moment as it is happening. You can look up and bam it's been a lifetime. And we were on that loss of time and it was easy to be with each other and so much easier not to be committed to it. But then one day I wake up and realize that is what we were doing. Hanging with each other because it was easy.

DB has some things to work out and understand about himself, for that I miss him. I am a fixer and wish I could help. The only way I could help him is by walking away. DB is my friend will always be my friend, but somewhere in the very back of my heart, I knew we weren't going the same direction. He had fixed me.

I know you will find what your looking for... it has been with you all along.

Thank you DB for letting me go, Happy VDay... this rant was for you.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Girl she's a little piggy...

Have you ever looked into strangers eyes and just known, that you know them?

I was at the store picking up a few things before I leave to go to OZ (Australia), and I see this book, Olivia (chartoon pig), and I know instantly I have to give it to my kindred spirit friend and fellow little piggy, Zoe. She and I were both born in the year of the boar. But neither of us in the slightest could be called a bore. Well at least I hope not. That's why I choose to be referred to as a little piggy. So much better. But the minute I saw her, I knew, I know I knew, I just knew, I have known her. We get together this toddler and I and there isn't a whole lot of talking, even though we are both inquisitive little piggies. There's more like a quiet, like our souls are embracing this time together. She get's me and I get her, with little effort.

Maybe sometimes you can't even put into words this connection, you just know. It's as if your heart see's them and recognizes instantly, while your brain goes on for years trying to figure it out. I am not sure why we don't remember all our past lives, prolly just to much information and how could you start clean if you knew all the stuff thats gone down...

I believe we all get glimpses, triggers, some call it deja vu, I have day dreams that entail whole lives. Whatever it is for you, whatever you call it, I believe it is like a map embedded in our deepest of deep hearts, a map to finding those that we truly miss, even when we don't know it. A map of all the places we have been, all the treasures we have unwrapped, all the many lessons learned and sometimes not learned, all the many purposes, this map is just leading us back to each other or ourselves, depending on your perspective.

This ramble is about those heartfelt connections we feel. We don't wonder why this person just came up and started chatting, or gosh I wonder what they think of me, I had toilet paper hanging from my pants... This is a rant about looking each other directly in the eye. Maybe someone else's eyes will spark or trigger you to question is this really all there is?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

King of Pentacles and the Girl...

I have been trying to learn the actual Tarot Deck of cards and this is that ramble...

From the late 18th century until the present time the tarot has also found use by mystics and occultists in efforts at divination or as a map of mental and spiritual pathways.

So I read cards that are subjective, easy. The ones that I can just intuitively know whats going on. Soul Cards have been my newest favorite. Actually trying to learn cups, swords, kings, queens and petty thieves, I have yet to understand. I thought it was probably not even possible in the spare time that I have.

But I went to the store saw these beautiful Golden Tarot of Klimt and had to have them. They have gold foil embossing, gorgeous human figures drawn by Gustav Klimt and are subjective to some extent, except that they fallow the Major, Minor, Penacles, Wands & Swords of a regular deck of tarot.

So I have been randomly drawing cards from this deck asking a question and then trying to figure the card out intellectually, instead of intuitively. I am an artist for those of you readers that don't know me. I am giving this a whirl from more of an academic standpoint, like a class so to speak...

I picked the King of Pentacles this evening. Fruitful exchange, enrichment, possible investments. Given the current climate in my life at this moment in time the card, King of Pentacles, for myself would symbolize finding the intelligence of the Earth being connected to Earth in the next three weeks will enable common sense to spark thoughts and creativity. This will be 3 weeks in contemplation and then a practical idea will bring wealth. That wealth will probably come in spiritual ways, not necessarily in gold. But not ruling that out.

Being in nature will restore the remaining piece of my heart lost to male, female love.

How do I know this? Well the card really is telling me things, symbolically. The king is in contemplation, holding a beautiful pentacle, resting on his chin on his elbow, stars in the background. Kings convey riches, the gold embossing on the card tells me things also. Lots of 3 squiggles, 3 circles, 3 spirals... spirals represent transformation. Knowing that I am in a year 7 of numerology, a year of contemplation, self discovery and personal gain. Fruitful exchange meaning I have some obstacle in the way of achieving success... and this is the simple gist of a self reading from one card.

My Question going into tonight is will I find love?

My psychic answer after taking this all in and processing it and really just settling with it is, yes. I am going find love. I am going on a journey to soul search, connect and heal. I will not find deep ending love on this journey it will be upon return.

This has been a public Pentacles announcement.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Girl that's a Pine Beetle...

I never watch the news, it is too depressing and I would rather watch "reality" tv. Where I can practice voice dialog, on the unsuspecting cast and crew. LIttle does Snooky know that if she spent a little time nurturing her inner waaaaa'er, she would be able to attract a guy that is not so immature or baby like. But this is a whole nother ramble.

I was watching the news, a story about the Pine Beetle and the many thousands of dead trees and the plans to get rid of them.

Gosh I used to feel so terrible, in my thoughts about all the thousands of trees being over consumed by the beetles. Terrible, terrible I say. Kinda like the humans over consuming everything in our way. Whether it be by destroying physically, land, animals, etc., too destroying one another with negativity, insecurities and just downright abuse. Knowing how nature imitates art, art imitates life thus everything is interconnected. (Do you like how I just made that up and simplified it, I tend to mix things up but in some small way I get it...) But if this is a direct jump out cry from mother nature to stop over consuming one another, planet, species, friends, enemies, I get it.

I know the beetles are just going along with their natural instinct to procreate in a safe environment where there is a perfect food supply, shelter and a great big tree just to suck the life out of. Sounds a little like us? Maybe a little...

But then one day I ended up in this very clever Denver restaurant called Beatrice and Woodsley, where the whole inside is built with Beetle Kill Pine. The wood is the most beautiful wood I have ever seen. There are varying shades of green and blues running thru the grain. Then in the moment of admiration for this wood, I realize we are going thru a process. A weeding out of the old weak ways. The way we have lived just is not going to work for the future. Over consuming, negative words, judgements of self and others is not beautiful.

Our energy is rising to that awareness, of beauty, of love, the beetles in some distorted way get it. They are just trying to survive. As humans lets STOP just trying to survive and Start trying to understand each other. That's beauty.

Thank you nightly news story about Pine Beetles to start this ramble on its roll...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Girl When The Saints Go Marching in...

Ok this ramble will be a little bitty one...
I knew the Saints would win. I know nothing about football or the teams. When asked I just knew. So why the heck didn't I put my fortune on it? Trust.
Trust as a psychic is hard. So many possibilities... I always know the answer. So why not trust? I am getting there one day at a time. This is one knowing moment in today that I need to remember... shoulda put money on it!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Girl how is she psychic?...

Hello Bloggedy, Blog, Blog... #3

So I was thinking today about what to write about? There are so many things I can ramble... Well I thought your probably wondering what in the world gave me the right to call myself a psychic. Well to be honest I just made a choice. I decided instead of saying this is weird but... this might sound strange... that I would actually own up to knowing this and that. I decided to take ownership of my vibes. In taking ownership I have edged my intuition into fruition.

Well I thought giving you some background might be helpful. I went into the Navy right after high school. So ingrained in my psyche in my teens was the power of support. If you felt alone, there was always someone feeling the same way. If I felt like a failure, someone there did also. It's about being open and connected to one another to know these things. I learned discipline, empathy, some anger, some resentment and humm... a way to shield. Instead of learning and understanding my connection to the akasha (is the Sanskrit word meaning " aether") the vibes that blend one another or just the field in wich all things connect. I ran. I ran far and long before I found my vibes again.

So here we are many years later, school, career, lots of failed relationships, lots of successful ones... I wind up in a yoga class. This was 12 years ago give or take. I wondered in totally unaware. I left more aware. Then 5 years ago I end up at Corepower yoga. I get hooked, hooked on how I started feeling and shifting my body. I put weight on with little effort, but after practicing I realized I could actually mold my body at will. I could mold my thoughts, strengthen my core and stare at myself the whole time. How fabulous is that? Then the teachy, teach asks me why I'm not teaching? I laugh, hard and loud, this is now 16 years after high-school. 16 years of completely shutting my heart off and my connections. I had drawn so far in, I found it hard to speak, look, or even feel connected to anyone else.

I go home tell Girls Best Friend that the teacher said I should be teaching. "Yeah you should" was her reply. I had just been told by another friend how negative I was. I am thinking humm... maybe I should. So I do. Here we are 4 years later. Lots of wonderful trainings - Yoga teacher training, PLR, Voice Dialog, hundreds of beautiful classes - some difficult ones, back to being connected, back to understanding our true nature, back to being the teacher I always was. I am the oldest of 2 other siblings. I was always the teacher, the leader, the first rule breaker.

I find that we all have the power in us to find the connection, we will all do it differently. Sometimes that potential is evident to me, sometimes it takes a while to unfold. But my true nature is to live in ownership of my potential. Sometimes I get off track, but always being in service helps me back. Keeps my heart from closing and keeps me open to being Psychic. To just give the message.

There are thousands of stories, from my past, I see future ones... and these present moments in my classes, during my readings, maybe in a regression I will live in sharing. Be aware of your potential! It is powerful, wonderful and changes the world thru you.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Girl Fell Down...

Hello Blog, I have a good start here 2 days in a row ramble...

So I had a crush, life would be a dull place without a good crush, but he fell off his pedestal today.

Actually my intuition told me long ago he was a lousy crush to be having. But I didn't listen. No he was entirely too cute and too cocky. But not only did my feelings get hurt but I completely stepped off a flight of marble stairs, plummeting to the ground in a hard way. I got up ego bruised, embarrassed, hurt and realized how ungrounded I must be. I laughed so much I started crying.

I give everyone the message but for myself... lalala... I can't hear you intuition. I will tell you my ego, it gets in the way, then I get beat up. I say to myself, gosh he's mean and negative because he secretly likes you. Then my intuition says in a very Sex In the City voice... he's just not that into you. Which is perfectly alright I think wow I am not into everyone myself.

But my critic gets involved and says make him see how great you are. Try to do everything you can, talk to him, love him, cook for him, play with him. Your not doing it good enough the critic says. I keep jumping up and down... Pick Me, Pick Me. Then I fall. Then I fall hard and fast in all ways. My inner critic when in control beats the crap out of me.

When grounded and aware, I hear the side with the truth. No one should be on a pedestal, not me, not you and not even a crush. I should treat someone the way I want to be treated not any extra, no hoops, no ladders, no extensions. Just love. Love is a field and when in balance I live in that field.

Now I am not saying having a crush is bad, actually I love them. They make the day a whole lot better. But what I am saying is be balanced, be love!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Girl having a night...

Hello Blog... this is the first Girl Gone Psychic ramble.

It's quarter past midnight on a Wednesday night, I am anxious to actually go to sleep. I have intense dreams and wake up feeling like there are people in my room and just now I have heard rattling at the door. What do you do with rattling at the door? What does a normal human do? Look out the window or I would like to phone a friend please. But who do you call after midnight? And what do you say to this friend that was probably asleep, I heard rattling at my front door, like someone wants in, can you help me from where you are asleep in bed?

I think that I will just ignore it. Maybe spirit will go away and come again another day.
Does it work like that?

You don't have to talk to them. But they will keep trying and one day you will actually notice the synchronicity in the sounds you hear, the songs playing and even the people who come into your life. When you realize you are guided it all makes sense, the rattling at the door, the loud bumps and thuds around you. The whispers in your thoughts to go left instead of right.

In a mere moment we can change our course, by trusting our intuition we change our destinies.
This is a blog about my changes, moment to moment, spirit to spirit.