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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Girl's Googleishissssssss.....

1. To stare at.
2. To stare at impertinently, flirtatiously, or amorously.
To stare in an impertinent, flirtatious, or amorous manner.
An impertinent, flirtatious, or amorous stare.

Flirting is a biological instinct and a vibration of playfulness.

Oogling (urban dictionary)
The act of staring trance-like at the Google home page trying to recall what it was that you wanted to search for in the first instance.

Trance is the vibration of involuntarily shifting your awareness and consciousness.

Giggling is a high-pitched, bubbly way of laughing. It is usually suppressed, resulting in short bursts of laughter. A giggle is often considered a very feminine laugh. Giggling is normally affiliated with laughing gas a dentist would administer. Giggling is often associated with small children.

Laughter is the vibration of release and cutter of negative ties.

Vibrations when we feel good about ourselves are more likely to affect others with grace and success. If your insecurity lies in rejection, one way or another visualize a protective shield to deflect any negative vibes. Keeping your heart chakra open, keeping you connected, keeping you caring; raises the energetic vibration of the planet.

If you have a radiant energy and an abundance of love, share it!

This rant was a raise.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Girl is she baked?

So tonight I went to see my website in action, well almost action. Meaning it's almost done yippy!!

A coder friend has been putting it together with a little bit of my insight and as we sat there tonight he tells me... "When I first met you I thought you were really stoned." I'm not and I wasn't.
But then I started to realize maybe thats why I am able to get into the flow, I am pretend stoned.

It is a way of being. More methodical, more watchful, I am able to listen in this state. In my pretend stoned world I am able to see incredible places, almost like tapping into another plane of existence. Where all possibilities live.

I think I need to bottle this pretend stoned attitude and start selling it. I would charge less than the real deal, it would be a steal. Haha I love to rhythm. Thus I can understand confusing me with being under the influence of cannabis. I am goofy.

So if your up to little light humor and deep bit of insight check out my site.

This quick rant was is for all the deep souls that are just, mis-understood.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Girl its hard to say goodbye...

Girl, you know when ARC comes a calling you've gotta give up those pointy toed shoes from 1992. A time in my life when things seemed so undemanding, the most responsibility I had was following a curfew... life was just about boys. Does he like me and I don't like him. Well many shoes later... still walking down that same old choice street, does this boy like me and I don't like that him. The street has been long and winding, but I seem to keep going down this street in the same direction, in the same old pointy shoes. Figuratively referring to the guy, the shoes are that is. (But you probably got that.)

Life is about taking a look at your patterns and then figuring out what to let go of, what to keep and what to improve on.

My patterns with men, keep taking me down the same road. Non-attachment. This non-attachment has nothing to do with them and everything to do with me. This is a pattern, a recurring misalignment with my own soul.

I wonder if I listen to my intuition and take a left turn now. Will I see the guy that connects and loves. I am now seeing it in myself, it has taken a while, sometimes its been downright, open hearted of me. But non-the-less, I get who I need now. He is out there. He is connected, he knows he is part of everything, in the same instant part of nothing.

This rant was to realign me.

So now I must say au revoir to this old pair of shoes...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Soaring High Girl...

Good Morning blog, I usually write at night. I feel more creative then.
But I woke up this morning after having a night of flight dreams.

Have you ever flown in a dream? Its exhilaration, so exciting, connected to earth even though I was soaring above it, actually seeing earth from a different perspective. A higher one.

I actually had the ability to go where ever I wanted... can you imagine flying where ever you wanted to go. When I realized I had this power I went right to my spot, a cliff on the Aran Islands in Ireland. I landed and breathed the air, listened to the waves, watched the water crash against the rocks, breathed in some more of the island air. Felt joy. There was even a cow with me at the edge of this wondrous place.
Knowing a few things about animal guides... an Irish cow is said to have a large monetary value, and protected as such. In some legends a cows curdled milk represents the creator of the planet, cows are gentle, intelligent and watchful. It may seem like a cow is almost uninterested in there surroundings, but they can sense danger long before most.

The Cow is a contended and gentle animal. They signify love, family values and lunar magic. They are a spiritual and altruistic Totem providing insight and calm grace and words of truth to those who seek their spirit council.

So as I sat at the edge of this cliff with this cow, I asked her if I was on my path? If all the painful stuff really was necessary? She moo'd. I laughed. Well I thought I would ask anyway. But in the moo, I heard my own inner voice. The pain is what I came down here for. The joy, the exhilaration, the challenges, the sadness, sometimes depressed, sometimes hopeful.
Every emotion that is the path.

So I sat here a little longer enjoying my favorite place, then I got up, had a little trouble getting back off the ground, but once I realized I am the one in control here, it was smooth sailing. Since I was already pretty close I stopped by to sprinkle a little love juju on my favorite Australian recently married couple, Lisa and Jim, they were up but didn't see me. That would of been some explaining.

I then took flight home, stopping off for everyone I could possible love. There were some faces that flashed by, some people I actually stopped off at, I saw a few others I know flying around also.

I realized in my mind I can do anything. I am free...
This rant was for the cow.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Girl was that an alien?

This rant is for an over active mind. On a normal basis my thoughts come in, I have time to process, sometimes too long of time, but none the less, they come in timely. Tonight as I cleaned the bathroom they flooded my mind. I had no time to process, it was one right after the other, firing, bouncing, never really blowing up in one place. This went on the majority of the night.
This was so alien for me... I now get to process.
I'm still not sure what happened. It was like a trapped emotion in drama. Drama that took me on a ride, for too long a time.

If this is where you live, it would be hard to tune in. It was a place where I was making up stories, one right after the other. Those stories weren't so attractive.

Aliens must of gotten into my head and then decided to all speak at once. Who are you I would yell, no answer, it just kept going.
In a flash I realized I had to take 5 minutes, sit down, focus on my breath. As I did this thought firing squad started backing down. I felt a wave of calm come over the emotional roller coaster, a settle so to speak took over. Inhale... Exhale...

I could tap back into the flow... I had power over this nonsense.

The flow that helps me analyze in a rational fashion.
This was a flash of a moment, where it all stopped and I just watched as the Inhale and the Exhale took me back to untroubled.

In the calm it all makes sense.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Girl sometimes your just tired...

This rant is about the drain. The drain on your energy.
You need it, you want it, but everyone is stealing it...

Well here is a surefire way to guard yourself. Wake up in the morning and start breathing really long inhales and exhales, while counting the inhale to match the exhale. Then create a forcefield, or a quick psychic shield... I like a bubble, keeps me happy, keeps me bubbly. But the shield keeps you protected from an unnecessary pull on your energy.

Competition for scarce human energy is the cause of all conflict between people. There are 4 main ways in which we are drained energetically or manipulated by, Interrogator, Intimidator, Aloof and the Poor Me... are you one of these? We all do it, including me. It is in the realizing that we can grow, shield, protect and love.

Love for yourself, love for your energy, respect for others energy, that is where we will be one day. There is a never ending supply of this energy no reason to take. Go to the source. Talk to the source. Be with the source.

Let the source be in you!

Letting go of my drama's... will you let go of yours?