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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Week of 4.28.2012

You're the One That I Want • Angus & Julia Stone
Far Nearer • Jamie xx
Rebellion (Lies) • The Arcade Fire
Hold On (feat. Sampha) • SBTRKT
Our July In the Rain (Acoustic) • He Is
All Alright • Fun
Firefly • Ed Sheeran
Rainbow • Oh Land
Easy (Buffetlibre Mix) • Dragonette
Call Your Girlfriend (Sultan & Ned Remix) • Robyn
Ho Hey • The Lumineers
Would Do Anything For You (Original Version) • Foster The People
Never Let Me Go •  Florence + The Machine
The Weight of Lies • The Avett Brothers
Landline (feat. Ingrid Michaelson) • Greg Laswell
This Much I Know (Bonus Track) • Lissie
Om Asatoma (feat. Deva Premal & Miten) • Ben Leinbach

Week of 4.21.2012

How Soon Is Now?  • Mike Viola
Serengeti (Bliss Remix) • Infernal
The Original • Incubus
Firefly • Ed Sheeran
Half Moon • Blind Pilot
The Last Unicorn • Passenger
When a Heart Breaks • Ben Rector
Invisible • FM Attack
Tell Me What To Swallow • Crystal Castles
Beautiful Mind • 3 Melancholy Gypsys
In Sleep • Lissie
Addicted (feat. Greg Laswell) • Morgan Page
Love the Way You Lie, Pt. III (Original Demo) • Skylar Grey
No Harm • The Boxer Rebellion
Feels Like Letting Go • Matthew Perryman Jones
Track  4 • Richard Ashcroft
Sea Of Everything • Prince

Week of 4.13.2012

In the Air (feat. Angela McCluskey) • Morgan Page, Sultan, Ned Shepard & BT
Friends And Lovers  • Incubus
A Sadhu Walk • DJ Drez
Wildfire (feat. Little Dragon) • SBTRKT
Are You Satisfied? • Marina & the Diamonds
First Contact • Amp Live & Eligh
Addicted (feat. Greg Laswell)  • Morgan Page
Heart Skips a Beat • Lenka
Cornbread • Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
The Weight of Lies • The Avett Brothers
Only Girl In the World • Holly Conlan
Happiness • Abra Moore
You Could Be Happy • Snow Patrol
In My Sleep • Austin Hartley-Leonard & Kendall Jane Meade
Fire Escape • Matthew Mayfield
What Does It Sound Like • Ian McIntosh Alive

Week of 4.7.2012

Kissing • Bliss Bliss
Slow and Steady • Of Monsters and Men
Collect Call • Metric
When a Heart Breaks • Ben Rector
Wicked Game (Live At Killkenny Arts Festival, Ireland/2011) • James Vincent McMorrow
Om Asatoma (feat. Deva Premal & Miten) • Ben Leinbach
The Lime Tree • Trevor Hall
No Flowers (feat. Paris Hayes) • The Grouch & Eligh & Paris Hayes
Called Out In the Dark • Snow Patrol
Nov Sanus - Morphing Mindstates • Masters of World Groove
Ho Hey • The Lumineers Ho Hey
You Can Go Your Own Way • Lissie
Serengeti (Bliss Remix) • Infernal
Moby-The Broken Places • Moby
All I Need • Radiohead
Go On • Elephant Revival
Breathe • Bliss Featuring Sophie Barker Yoga One
I Don't Know What Love Is • Leslie Nuchow
Some Surprise • Gary Lightbody & Lisa Hannigan
Those Distant Bells • Snow Patrol

Week of 3.31.2012

Goodbye Goodbye... • Michael Logen
Wicked Game (Live At Killkenny Arts Festival, Ireland/2011) • James Vincent McMorrow
Doorway • Civil Twilight
Angels Featuring Norah Jones • Wax Poetic
Change Me (Submorphics Remix) • Camo & Krooked
What New York Couples Fight About • Morcheeba
Love Is Blindness • Jack White
Play • Flunk
Come Back Down (feat. Sara Bareilles) • Greg Laswell
Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses • Garbage
Turn Up The Radio • Madonna
Little Lovin' (Scott Hardkiss Remix) • Lissie
You Are My Sun • Sun Kil Moon
Changing My Mind (feat. Patty Griffin) • Bob Schneider
Near To You • A Fine Frenzy
A Place Only You Can Go • NEEDTOBREATHE
I'm There Too • Michelle Featherstone
I Don't Know What Love Is • Leslie Nuchow
Frost • Rachael Sage
Mysterious Ways • Snow Patrol

Week of 3.24.2012

Is Your Love Strong Enough? • Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
Gonzo • The All-American Rejects
All Fall Down (Fred V & Grafix Remix) [feat. Shaz Sparks] • Camo & Krooked
Masterpiece • Madonna
Heartless • William Fitzsimmons
Florence + The Machine-Only If For A Night • Florence + The Machine
Hermitude-Flood • Hermitude
Apathy • Elizabeth & The Catapult
I Would Do Anything For You (Original Version) • Foster The People
Avicii-Levels • Avicii
Little Lovin' (Scott Hardkiss Remix) • Lissie
My Secret Friend (feat. Imogen Heap) • IAMX
Graduation (Friends Forever) • Vitamin C
Friend Is A Four Letter Word • Cake
Save Me • Gotye
You're a Mirror I Cannot Avoid • Bad Books
Dear Old Friend • Patty Griffin
Sunshine On My Shoulders • John Denver

Week of 3.17.2012

1. Bronte • Gotye
2. Give Me Love • Ed Sheeran
3. If Things Were Perfect • Moby
4. You Can Go Your Own Way • Lissie
5. What the Water Gave Me • Florence + The Machine
6. Hearts a Mess • Gotye
7. Come Around • Rosi Golan
8. Sitting On the Moon (Boca Junior Remix) • Enigma
9. In Sleep • Lissie
10. The Broken Ones • Dia Frampton
11. The Love Song • Trevor Hall
12. Something Better (feat. Francis and the Lights) • Lyrics Born
13. Some Nights • Fun
14. Perfect • Smashing Pumpkins
15. The Perfect Space • The Avett Brothers
16. 14 Days (Acoustic Version) • Arkitekt
17. Perfect Blue Buildings • Counting Crows
18. Life On Mars • Still Time
19. Halo  • BeyoncĂ©
20. Through the Dark • Alexi Murdoch
21. If I Had A Boat • James McMorrow
22. Nicest Thing • Kate Nash

Week of 3.10.2012

1. Save Me • Gotye
2. Lovesong • Adele
3. Between Two Lungs • Florence + The Machine
4. Bronte • Gotye
5. Come Over (Interlude) • Danity Kane
6. Love Can Drive Your Mind Wild • The Kickdrums
7. Bonus Track • The All-American Rejects
8. Grey Blue Eyes • Dave Matthews Band
9. You and Me • Rosie Thomas
10. No Light, No Light • Florence + The Machine Ceremonials
11. Lifening • Snow Patrol
12. Rafe (Pacha Remix) • Fauxliage
13. Let Go • Japanese Popstars, The
14. Give Me Love • Ed Sheeran
15. Some Surprise • Gary Lightbody & Lisa Hannigan
16. You Can Go Your Own Way • Lissie
17. Calm Before The Storm • Still Time
18. Easy (feat. Norah Jones) • Anoushka Shankar & Karsh Kale
19. Eyes On Fire • Blue Foundation
20. What Does It Sound Like • Ian McIntosh
21. Aftermath • Hillsong United
22. Frost • Rachael

Week of 3.3.2012

I have been not blogging so the last 6 classes playlists here there are...

1. 14 Days (Acoustic Version) • Arkitekt
2. Same Mistakes • Paper Aeroplanes
3. Midnight City • M83
4. Fragments • Thievery Corporation
5. Myphilosophy • Inner
6. 004 - Waste • Foster The People
7. Fight the Night • Japanese Popstars,
8. Castle Made Of Sound (Feat. Kelly Rowland & Jamie Drastik) • Pitbull
9. Efflictim • WZRD
10. I Don't Wanna Care Right Now (feat. MDMA) • Lupe Fiasco
11. Your Biggest Mistake • Ellie Goulding
12. Through the Dark • Alexi Murdoch
13. Scavenger • School of Seven Bells
14. Ghost (Live from Laurel Canyon) • Ingrid Michaelson
15. Up in Flames • Coldplay
16. Parachutes • Trevor Hall
17. Those Distant Bells • Snow Patrol

Friday, January 20, 2012

Lies, cries and pies... Jan, 20

Forever and ever I have been lying... each time I do, I wince, want to get the hell out, then I stop. If I stop my connection to you out of guilt, shame, fear... who knows what you think of me, or any of that in-between. If I don't feel good about myself how can I tell you that, seems sort of stupid, right? I would rather get withdrawn, angry, over the top or just plain I'm fine, here it starts...
The average adult female lies about 3-5 times a day the average adult male 7-9. That's a pretty descent amount even if I just lied? There are more made up statistics then the probably amount of statistics we have.
If I lie, to cut off from you, do I win? Do you loose? Who's judgement is it making us lie? If I don't know you and you never know me, I will never really get to love myself. It's real hard to know what is going on here, where the lie starts and I begin. Are we swallowing ourselves in lies.

Take a look at your current situation, love it. Take a look at how present you are to the love around you, except this love and do not be worried about the ones that don't get it, one day when the lie comes down, and, our soul's dance in this new found truth. It will take courage, laughter and surprise...

Home and Somewhere Else • Mimicking Birds
Forever and Ever Amen • 8mm
Baby's Romance • Chris Garneau
Love the Way You Lie, Pt. III (Original Demo) • Skylar Grey
Jolene • The Little Willies
The Garden Rules • Snow Patrol
Some Surprise • Gary Lightbody & Lisa Hannigan
Orange Sky • Alexi Murdoch
Let the Drummer Kick • Citizen Cope
Alligator Pie (Cockadile)• Dave Matthews Band
Smash Lies • Matisyahu
Little Bit (Live) • Lykke Li
Grace • Saving Jane
Red-Robin Hood • Brooke Waggoner
Swim Club • The Cave Singers
Lifening • Snow Patrol
Lamentation • leah andreone
Closer Tonight  • Christopher Jak

In the moment you tell yourself the first-next-lie, stop, ask yourself real quick, "wait why?" then don't beat yourself up, just choose, in that moment, that the next time your standing here having this head conversation you will be so far ahead you won't remember this one. As we each make this choice, quick or slow the veil will drop on this scene. Then all we will remember for all of time is love... heaven, it's at your fingertips.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cr-iuNvZHZo