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Friday, March 14, 2014

I'm trying this again!

I know it's been a while but I got asked last night if I would give you my playlist so here it is.

Class LESSON 3/13/14

If you ever find yourself doubting your true potential and the impact your life has on the world, try repeating these 10 affirmations to remind yourself just how valuable you really are. If one resinates use it all day!

1. I am unique and important. 
2. I possess unlimited potential. 
3. I boldly take action to achieve the highest and best expression of my self. 
4. I am on a journey to realize my greatest potential. 
5. I am a divine being and my possibilities are endless. 
6. Greatness is within me, I see greatness within myself. 
7. I am whole & complete, just as I am. 
8. My inner vision is always clear and focused. 
9. My life positively impacts the Universe. 
10. I create the world around me. 

The world is changing from a 3rd dimensional illusion to a 5th ; meaning we are all starting to realize we are connected and co-creating our experience. You are not alone, if anything definitely not separate and loving yourself is so important for the expansion of our consciousness the planets are aligning right now to help pull us out of this funk. I am excited just in a years time I have seen people letting go of drama and beating themselves up. Be part of this… What do you admire about you? Find it in everyone around you today and everyday. 


1. Red Love ; Pia Mia
2. Magic ; Cold Play
3. Dirty Paws ; Of Monsters And Men
4. Tear You Down ; RAC (feat Alex Ebert)
5. And Then You (2013 Remake) ; Greg Lawswell
6. Shadow and a Dancer ; The Fray
7. On 2Nite (original) ; Stick Figure
8. Completely Not Me ; Jenny Lewis
9. Bill Murray ; Phantogram
10. Confessions ; Something Underground
11. City of Angels ; Thirty Seconds to Mars
12. All of Me ; John Legend
13. Higher ; Ásgeir
14. We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow ; Soko