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Friday, April 8, 2011

New Post Same Day...

So I am in psychic class and a one of the students asks another if he is clairvoyant, which basically means clear vision. He snidely remarks "about as clairvoyant as everybody else." Then precedes to say he doesn't see. So I am laughing at this clear oxymoronic moment. I ask the guy how he imagines... by now I can tell he's not really into my line of questioning. But I ask him can you smell or taste when your imagining? He says no. But I see and feel. I then say "what's the difference?" he answers "knowing the difference" I started to say well this world is an illusion as it is "So what is the difference?" I got cut off.

But what is the difference between using your imagination and the world we supposedly don't see, feel, taste, understand or get messages from. Where do you think inspiration, creativity, forgiveness, blind faith come from? Clearly not from your imagination... clearly your imagination has nothing to do with spirit.
Or does it?

If you want to draw a line in the sand and then get angry because "you don't see" then clearly we are not on the same beach.
This rant was for that man!


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  2. Is the illusion real, or is it your imagination? Or is it an illusion of your imagination. Or are you imagining the illusion? Seems pretty clear to me.