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Friday, January 20, 2012

Lies, cries and pies... Jan, 20

Forever and ever I have been lying... each time I do, I wince, want to get the hell out, then I stop. If I stop my connection to you out of guilt, shame, fear... who knows what you think of me, or any of that in-between. If I don't feel good about myself how can I tell you that, seems sort of stupid, right? I would rather get withdrawn, angry, over the top or just plain I'm fine, here it starts...
The average adult female lies about 3-5 times a day the average adult male 7-9. That's a pretty descent amount even if I just lied? There are more made up statistics then the probably amount of statistics we have.
If I lie, to cut off from you, do I win? Do you loose? Who's judgement is it making us lie? If I don't know you and you never know me, I will never really get to love myself. It's real hard to know what is going on here, where the lie starts and I begin. Are we swallowing ourselves in lies.

Take a look at your current situation, love it. Take a look at how present you are to the love around you, except this love and do not be worried about the ones that don't get it, one day when the lie comes down, and, our soul's dance in this new found truth. It will take courage, laughter and surprise...

Home and Somewhere Else • Mimicking Birds
Forever and Ever Amen • 8mm
Baby's Romance • Chris Garneau
Love the Way You Lie, Pt. III (Original Demo) • Skylar Grey
Jolene • The Little Willies
The Garden Rules • Snow Patrol
Some Surprise • Gary Lightbody & Lisa Hannigan
Orange Sky • Alexi Murdoch
Let the Drummer Kick • Citizen Cope
Alligator Pie (Cockadile)• Dave Matthews Band
Smash Lies • Matisyahu
Little Bit (Live) • Lykke Li
Grace • Saving Jane
Red-Robin Hood • Brooke Waggoner
Swim Club • The Cave Singers
Lifening • Snow Patrol
Lamentation • leah andreone
Closer Tonight  • Christopher Jak

In the moment you tell yourself the first-next-lie, stop, ask yourself real quick, "wait why?" then don't beat yourself up, just choose, in that moment, that the next time your standing here having this head conversation you will be so far ahead you won't remember this one. As we each make this choice, quick or slow the veil will drop on this scene. Then all we will remember for all of time is love... heaven, it's at your fingertips.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cr-iuNvZHZo