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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Girl I saw the love...

My friend took my picture today, while we were taking these pictures, my friend who is normally a curmudgeon, turned into pure love as he opened to his camera. It was a moment I will never forget.
Passion is what this rant is about.
He became passionate, his vibration rose, he shined and there was not a negative vibration the whole experience.
I know this particular friend is afraid of failure, fearful of stepping outside of himself to do more, to be more to open to his true potential, to actually photograph from this vibration, he opens to it randomly and it is beautiful. Fear of opening himself in this vulnerable place is holding him back. He closes "it" down because it is easier not to live from this passionate place. To be stuck in the ho-hum world. Where we are not vulnerable but rather dull and sometimes angry.

Somewhere in my friends life someone told him doing what he loves for a living will change what he loves.
Someone else told him the economy is bad and not to bother looking for a job in photography, it was just too hard out there.
Carrying this energy, this fear into his little side jobs, has made them seem to fall apart, he takes it to his heart, and then says ya "those" people were right.

How many of you out there have lost your passion at the hands of a fib. However it spreads, in your mind, how do we overcome that which we fear. I'm not good enough... I'm not qualified... That person is better than I and they failed... I'm not skinny enough... I'm not happy enough... My hair is not perfect... My teeth are crooked... the list goes on...

I tell you how you get over this, find your passion again! The love, let it grow and find some peace. Peace in your mind so when the nasayers in your life say it can't be done, especially the naysayers in your thoughts, you have the peace of mind to call there fib.

Pass I On...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Girl it's hard to be present...

Part of being psychic is an awareness of the moment. It's not easy being present its takes a lot to focus and really feel. Your mind is the biggest pit fall in listening, watching, tuning in. When you fall pray to your monkey mind you no longer have awareness of the moment making it hard to be clairvoyant.
Here are a couple tips to bring you back...
1. Listen and draw your awareness to what is in front of you right now. Focus your full attention on who or what you have in your path. This is a key element when doing a reading. When you are alert and attentive you can see past what is really being said.
2. Seeing the moment as if you were a child coming upon it for the first time. Then your judgements are left behind, you won't label. It is easier to tune into the purity of the moment.
3. Tune into your breath, watch the inhale and exhale. That will pop you right into the present. Plus you will be more relaxed and aware of your body. With awareness of you own body you will be able to feel the subtle differences in the vibrations you get from the moment, from whomever or whatever is in front of you.
4. A quick tap or pinch, pulls you right back. This one is easy.
5. Tune into your heart. Focus awareness on the beat, ask how your heart is doing and how it feels in the moment. This is the most important in doing healing work. Your heart must be open and willing to help.
6. A regular meditation practice, some yoga, or some other body and mind strengthening exercise.

These are just a few of the things I do to draw awareness back to the moment as it is. When I am able to be present it is the greatest gift I can give myself and my clients.

The last couple weeks being present has been difficult. I am overly tired and can't seem to focus. This rant was a reminder to myself to find my full presence.

The past is gone, the future is evasive and full of possibility. It is in the present that you melt into all that is. And in this moment may you see the possibilities. This was a rant to strengthen my own moment.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Girl on waves...

It comes and goes in waves... like memories I'm left to remember, was it...

a spark did it go out a desire...

Will the waves really ever put out my fire?

It comes and goes in waves... or is it my imagination playing tricks on me?

It comes and goes in waves and all I really have is me.

Do I know who I am?

It comes and goes in waves and I am left with sand in my toes.

This part my friend is the wave that comes and goes and carries me away.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Girl on Tams...

So I am sitting here with a Tim Tam, Timmy & Tammy...

You American, you, your probably wondering "whats a Tim Tam" well it is a biscuit. A chocolate biscuit with a soft center and a chocolaty coat. The first one I ate was humm.. meh. It was a Pepperidge Farm variation and I thought that was a Tim Tam. Don't be fooled.

So when I was offered an Arnott's Original Tim Tam I walked up to it with the same MEH attitude. It wasn't that good to me. But then on my travels with Lisa and Jim I got schooled. The proper respect for the biscuit. Its chocolaty goodness opened up to me in a new way. I got an education in the 3 ways to eat a Tim Tam.
#1. Smell it then just eat it.
#2. Eat it like an Oreo, bite off the top layer, lick the middle section.
#3. (this is fantastic, worth a trip to Cost Plus) Bite all four of the corners off, suck a hot liquid, like coffee, as if the cookie/biscuit became a straw.

Number 3 is by far the way to a deeper understanding of this cookie/biscuit piece of amazement. And an Aussie treasure.

How many people have I treated like a Tim Tam? How many people have I passed off without diving in deeper? Well I am on the Timmy & Tammy band wagon now. When I find myself backing off from what seems like a familiar energy, I'm bitin' off the 4 corners and sucking up some deeper understanding.
Everyone is our mirror, in someway they are reflecting, maybe a hurt, a happiness, a vulnerability, an admiration, a authenticity, a bravery, a timidity, a defiance, a submission... we are illustrations to each other.

This has been a Tim Tam Perspective, rant.
May we understand each other and all our sugary goodnesses.

PS - do you know how you can tell a kindred spirit? They eat lots and lots of Tim Tams with you and never judge. Thank you Lisa and Jim! Here's to a lifetime of biting the corners.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Girl climbed the trees...

Girl is back...

OOOOOOO Hello! I have missed you blog. I have so many thoughts, where do I start?

I got on a plane flew to Sydney AU. Got off the plane tired, excited and a bit overly anxious. I needed to take a train to Newcastle where a very lovely friend was waiting for my visit. So I run on down to the train station that is attached to the airport and find that the trains are not working. But the bus system to the next train station is. I run out, into construction, hop around the pylons and jump on the bus, where the driver asks in a very lovely, loud voice "How are you going?" I think by this bus, fool? But I jump and ask him "HOW ARE YOU GOING?"

It is the Aussie Hello. But every time I hear it, makes me jump. 2 weeks on edge, wondering why everyone wants to know "how I'm going" I love it. They also talk a lot about traveling. "How are you traveling?" "Depends on how your traveling?" LOVE this. There is so much wrapped up in these few words. And they actually look at you for the answer. They look you dead in the eyes and ask "How are you traveling?" well for the most part I was floating. Floating in how I could "travel" all by myself. Floating in the excitement of a new country, floating, floating, floating, floating...

Well as soon as I made it to the train station, I realized I traveled heavy. I brought 3 books, a ton of cords, a bunch of toiletries, I needed to buy some new toiletries anyway because America took my shampoo, face wash and sunscreen. Clothes, and I thought I had packed lightly but my back sure hurt. How else was I traveling? Did I carry my problems into my holiday? I think I did. They were heavy. But how do I leave those behind, when I am going to see people I know, who know me? Well I figure this out but only when I get home to my write my blog, but this ramble must go on before I get to that.

I lug my backpack and carry bag onto the train and sort of fall asleep. When I open my eyes there is a couple sitting next to me, we chat. I have a feeling they are on the way to Newcastle for more than a holiday. So I ask them, "how are you traveling?" she answers in total excitement I am going to school for the semester, and he is going to get a job. Well I know it is hard to find a job, not quite as easy as his eyes portray, or is it? He traveled light. I could see it on his being. In that moment, I saw him working in a coffee shop, a psychic moment. She traveled light with excitement, with her young age. Not that she was naive, just happy and not carrying. Carrying the baggage most of us walk around with. The fear of failure, the fear of making a mistake, fear of rejection. She just lacked those fears. How exciting.

Life is a choice, a choice to be a baggage carrier or not. When you move lightly you see the answers. When you travel with stuff how can you possible see the possibilities around you, your weighted down. Everyone has something to offer you, this couple offered me the world in a moment. I am going take it, even if it was weeks later that I realized the importance. Here's the part of the ramble that makes sense... Sometimes the choice comes late, you can still take it.

Traveling light. I dare you!